Current post: Selling NOYES OFL 100 – We Buy New Used OFL 100 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling NOYES OFL 100 – We Buy New Used OFL 100 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell NOYES OFL 100 HR Multimode OTDR W/ Laptop

The OFL 100 is designed to be a rugged, reliable, portable test instrument having many features required to measure and maintain multimode and singlemode fiber optic cables. Four models of OFL 100 are available to suit your testing needs.

The OFL 100-MM operates at 850nm for multimode LAN testing. The OFL 100-HR is used for testing singlemode fiber and short distance mustimode local loops or campus networks that operate at 850nm. The OFL 100-LR is calibrated at 1310nm for singlemode Telecom and CATV applications. The OFL 100-DM operates at 850nm and 1300nm for multimode LAN systems.

When used by itself, the OFL 100 is a fast, flexible optical fault locator. Its one button operation and easy to read alphanumeric display enable the user to quickly pinpoint the number of faults, their loss, and their locations up to 40km. Up to 98 traces can be stored in the OFL 100 for future downloading to a serial thermal printer in the field or to an office printer via a computer.

When coupled with a laptop or PC (DOS version 3.3 or higher), the OFL 100 becomes a powerful and versitile OTDR. Capture your traces out in the field and download then to a computer for complete analysis using the supplied PCPLOT software. Two point splice loss measurements, vertical and horizontal trace expansion, automatic event recording, and printing are a few of the functions that are performed with the PCPLOT software.

The OFL 100 mini OTDR makes performing, recording, and printing measurements for certified documentation a breeze.

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Performance Characteristics of the OFL 100-HR
Form Factor Benchtop
Fiber Type Multimode,Singlemode
Minimum Wavelength 850 nm
Maximum Wavelength 850 nm
Minimum Distance Resolution 10 m
Maximum Dynamic Range 12 dB
Connector type (main signal) FC/ST
Programmability/Connectivity of the OFL 100-HR
User Interface Windows/95
Ports to Peripheral Devices RS232

OFL 100-HR Compliance
CE Compliance Compliant
UL Compliance Not compliant

OFL 100-HR Power Requirements
Input Power USA (110V/60Hz)
Battery Life 6 hrs

OFL 100-HR Physical Dimensions
Width: (N/A)
Height: 127 mm(4.99 in)
Length: 152 mm(5.98 in)
Weight: 3.58 kg(7.89 lb)


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