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If you’re looking to Sell Anritsu MT9081D FiTeL S122A Fusion Splicer OTDR


With its super low profile and new user interface, the FITEL S122A Fusion Splicer offers next generation workability for every field fusion splicing application: FTTx, LAN, backbone or long-haul installations.

Combining the portability and ruggedness of FITEL’s previous generation handheld units with its proven high-quality single fiber splicing capabilities (call us for the ribbon fiber version), the S122A delivers fast and consistent splicing with outstanding mobility and extreme ease-of-use. The fast and accurate S122A features a rugged body as well as a new GUI & LCD Screen, multi-window fiber display and enhanced ease of use.

The fast 13-second splice time and 37-second heat time creates a highly efficient work environment. The S122A observes the fiber from two directions, promising high quality splice from trunk to FTTx. A super low profile design, with only 1.85” height at the keypad, the S122A provides a stable working environment both on the work bench and palmtop.

The top body and windshield are made of magnesium die-cast for durability. The bottom body is protected with rubber corner pads. With its simple and flat shape, the S122A can survive during harsh conditions. Featuring a new GUI (graphical user interface) and transreflective LCD screen technology, the S122A operation is a snap! Function keys are simple and information displays are crisp and clear even in direct sunlight. The LCD display shows the splicing process with simultaneous X and Y camera views, allowing you to achieve perfect alignment every time, as well as status icons monitoring the machine conditions. Memory for fiber image, counters for cleaver and stripper blade replacement and visual maintenance instructions are provided for your ease of use.

Package includes Splice Body, soft carrying case, straps, 250um fiber holders (pair), Li-ion battery, AC adapter, battery recharger, electrodes (pair), electrode cleaning disk and user manual.



  • Splicing for single fiber using fiber holder system
  • 40% reduction in weight, just 2.2 lbs. with battery
  • 40% larger transflective LCD screen, viewable in direct sunlight
  • New GUI interface with intuitive icons and function keys
  • Simultaneous X and Y fiber views
  • 50% reduction in heat time bringing total splice/heat time under 60 seconds


Anritsu MT9081D

The MT9080 Series ACCESS Master is provided with the functions that are required to perform diagnosis of optical fibers fault on optical fiber lines, specifically FTTH lines.

<1> Optical Pulse Testing (OTDR)Buying, Selling, Trading Anritsu MT9081D

Capable of measuring the connection loss, fiber loss, and distance of an optical fiber line. You can find the fault position of a breakage. This function works in two modes: Fault Locate and Trace Analysis. In both modes, the function automatically detects event positions such as splice points with loss exceeding the preset threshold or return loss, and lists the data in an event table. In the Fault Locate mode, possible fault points of the detected events are also listed at the upper right corner of the screen

<2> Optical Power Meter (OPM)

Capable of measuring the optical power level. By measuring the communication light power level in the customer’s system, you can easily decide whether the fault point is on the optical fiber or network.

<3> Optical Light Source (OLS) for Fiber identification

Available as the light source for fiber identification equipment (ID tester). CW light or modulation light of 270 Hz/1 kHz/2 kHz is output. (CW light is available for the MT9081x only.)

<4> Visible Light Source (VLD)

Works as the visible light source by means of a red laser diode. Available for visual fiber identification by visual means, fiber identification by bending, detection of breaking points within the OTDR dead zone, and other purposes.

<5> IP Network Connectivity

Check Function PPPoE connection check, Ping test, trace route test, download throughput measurement, throughput measurement, and counter measurement are available by connecting to an Ethernet interface (10/100/1000Base-T) such as ONU. Refer to the MT9080 Series ACCESS Master IP Network Connectivity Check Function Operation Manual for details.

Visible Light Source (Option 002)

Allows you to get visual information about faults in the optical fiber.

IP Network Connectivity Check Function (Option 001)

Allows you to check connectivity with the network

Key Character Displays (Option 009 English)

These designate the language in which characters are represented on the key panel.

Protector (Option 010)

Useful for outdoor use. Provides a protective cover on the front panel and shoulder cover.

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