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If you’re looking to Sell Ando AQ7250 SM Fiber Mini OTDR Long Haul 43/41dB

The mini-OTDR AQ7250 and optical unit meet all the requirements for building and maintaining optical fiber systems, as well as manufacturing and inspecting optical fiber material.

Compact, lightweight, and battery-powered, the AQ7250 offers a range of functions and capabilities ideal for field use. Its exceptionally wide dynamic range is particularly effective for measuring lines over long distances, as well as lines with heavy loss. In addition, an improved measurement algorithm drastically reduces measurement processing time.

A wide range of optional equipment enables a single unit to be used for measurements on a variety of optical fiber lines. An optional high-speed printer or optical switch unit, as well as a visible light source or optical power meter can be installed on the main unit of the AQ7250. This eliminates the need to carry several measuring instruments on a single field mission.

This mini-OTDR, like its predecessors, has a large, viewer-friendly color screen and a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive as standard equipment.

High-speed, single-button measurement
Automatic measurement with single-button operation in just over 10 seconds (B-type unit).

Fast response

The screen updates a minimum of two times per second in preview mode, and allows real time checking of change in the state of optical fibers in less than a second (twice as fast as previously).

Measurement of lines with large reflection
Reflections too large to be measured became measurable (using average rate of divided high reflection). The Singlemode Fiber Unit can measure return loss of near-end up to approximately 18dB.

Compact and lightweight
The compact B5 file-size AQ7250 weighs only 3 kg (approx.).

Large color LCD
The large 7.2-inch color LCD allows easy viewing of measurement values and waveforms. Background color of the display can be selected.

Long battery life
On batteries, the instrument has an operational life of approximately eight hours under normal service conditions, allowing a full day’s work on one charge. Recharge time is approximately four hours.

Also supports a keyboard and mouse
The main unit can be operated using an optional mouse.

Supports a range of optical connectors

Various optical connector adapters can be used to enable quick and easy swapping of optical connectors.

AQ4253 VLS Unit
Visible LD light-source unit capable of detecting even near-end faults.
Wavelength: 635 ± 10 nm
Optical output level: -6 ± 1.5 dBm
Applicable optical fiber: SM (10/125 µm)
Connector: FC or SC (factory option)

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Selling Ando AQ-7155 – We Buy New Used AQ-7155 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Ando AQ-7155 Singlemode Fiber Mini OTDR

The Ando AQ-7150 Series Mini-OTDR offers the following features:

  • 1/5 the size and weight of existing full-size OTDR units.
  • Measurement can be performed by the press of a single button.
  • Battery operation allows the unit to be used in the field.
  • Data can be stored on an PCMCIA memory card.  The data on the memory card can be analyzed on the IBM-compatible personal computer using emulation software (sold separately).
  • SET UP conditions, data list and measured traces can be printed out.

Buying, Selling, Trading Ando AQ-7155

With these features, this unit can be widely used to measure fiber cable from subscriber lines to repeater systems and has application from cable installation to restoration and maintenance.


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