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If you’re looking to Sell Wilcom MINI-OTDR FiberRanger 3 SM Fiber Mini OTDR FR3-SD

The Wilcom FiberRanger3 is a lightweight, hand-held mini-OTDR in a rugged enclosure. The fast easy-to-use Optical Time Domain Reflectometer with the core functions required to measure optical fiber from one end during installation, repair and verification. This unit is ideal for field and maintenance of new or existing fiber networks.

The unit is available in two versions. One version considered long range with distance ranges from 4Km / 13Kft to 64Km / 215Kft, and the other version considered a short haul or high resolution version which makes it ideal for LAN applications with distance ranges from 1Km / 3.3Kft to 16Km / 53Kft.

Each version is capable of measuring splice loss, link attenuation and distance. The singlemode or multimode output port uses a high power, 1310 nm or 1550 nm pulsed laser source. The ¼ VGA monochrome display provides a powerful yet simple set of fiber parameters and control indications to view an entire fiber link or zoom in and analyze a splicing point or a defect in the fiber.The display shows fiber loss versus distance in its large central graph as well as individual and dual cursor measurements, and important instrument parameters such as Index of Refraction, pulse width, scanning speed, and a battery gauge.

The unit also is equipped with Print/Store/Recall/RS-232 export features which are useful for analyzing previously stored data either on the graphic display or viewed on a printer or PC.

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Features and Benefits

  • Rugged Plastic Enclosure
    With the lid closed and locked, and the purge port tightened, this enclosure is air and watertight.
  • Internal Data Storage and Data Output
    The ability to store 255 traces and export them to a printer or PC for future analysis are additional useful features of the FiberRanger3.
  • One Button SCAN Operation
    This is complimented by cursor keys and “softkeys”, allowing the user to observe the entire link loss or zoom in on defects.
  • Economical
    The rugged FiberRanger3 is a fraction of the size, weight, and cost of most mini-OTDRs.
  • OTDR Trace Viewing
    The OTDR trace viewing capability enables a highly versatile troubleshooting tool in a costeffective package.
  • Hand-Held
    The FiberRanger3 is a light weight , hand-held, rugged mini-OTDR, with an easy to read ¼ VGA monochrome display.

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