Current post: Selling Wavetek MTS-5100e – We Buy New Used MTS-5100e (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Wavetek MTS-5100e – We Buy New Used MTS-5100e (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Wavetek MTS-5100e 5026SR 5023MM SM MM Fiber OTDR

Wavetek MTS 5100 Media Test Set

New and enhanced network services require increased bandwidth, leading the communications industry to expand its test requirements. Advanced test and measurement needs call for advanced equipment, allowing craftsmen to perform multiple functions with a single test instrument. MTS 5100 is at the forefront of new OTDR technology.


Two bays available in the unit to house two optical test modules
Quad wavelength singlemode and multimode OTDR for installations
Link loss, fiber loss, event loss, return loss, ORL, end-to-end loss, and optical budget tests
Short distance performance for building, riser, patch panel tests
Long distance performance for amplified systems in supertrunking, SONET/SDH, and submarine cables
OTDR and insertion loss test functions for fiber plant acceptance
1625nm module for testing fibers with live traffic
VFL option for fault-finding in the OTDR deadzone
Small and compact at less than 3.5kg (7.8lbs)
Water and dust resistant with all input/output connectors protected from the elements
Extended operating life of up to 16 hours
Intelligent battery management with charge indicator, rapid two hour charging, and optional 12VDC adapter
Fast processing for immediate results and on-site analysis for cable restoration
Universal optical connectors increase flexibility
Fast real-time sweep (0.5s) for mechanical splicing and bare fiber testing
Super-fast data processor reaches maximum dynamic range in less than one minute
Up to 32000 data points for maximum resolution at 16cm sampling
Down to 1m event deadzone and up to 35dB dynamic range with DR OTDR module
High dynamic range (40dB) OTDR module for long haul testing
Full Bellcore GR196 data compliance
Automatic detection of splices or fiber bends down to 0.01dB
Macro function for dual wavelength testing in one step

Universal Test Set
The Universal Test Set concept outlines the requirements and objectives for multifunction, compact test gear. Documented by Bellcore, the concept can be found in GR-2876-CORE Generic Requirements for Universal Test Sets from December 1995. Today, telecommunications, cable television, and data communications users appreciate the advantages of more portable test gear with expanded capabilities and a common user interface.

MTS 5100 Media Test Set
With the MTS 5100, Wavetek is one of the first companies to develop and market a modular OTDR that embodies the Universal Test Set concept. Based upon the latest RISC microprocessor interfacing with modular architecture, the MTS provides excellent performance and enhanced field modularity. MTS provides a comprehensive set of optical test functions for incoming test, fiber plant construction, splicing, cable acceptance, and cable restoration. MTS tests short or long haul fiber networks in singlemode or multimode applications. Two optical module bays allow the user to configure and upgrade the tester in the field, while the familiar user interface and integrated help functions simplify testing.

Multiple Test Functions In A Single Unit

The MTS is designed to integrate several field test functions in a single unit. Two slots are provided for optical modules, and the user can mix and match the test configuration according to the testing needs at hand. Typical MTS configurations include a four window 850nm to 1550nm dual port multimode and singlemode OTDR, or a dual wavelength OTDR with a complete set of insertion loss tests with integrated light source and power meter.

Complete User Flexibility
With over nine available OTDR modules, the user is equipped to
cost-effectively test short and long spans of fiber at all operating wavelengths with maximum precision. The 1625nm OTDR module is ideal for systems applications where fiber is tested outside wavelengths used for traffic. To ease fiber tracing in multifiber cables, the visible light source option illuminates and identifies the fiber connected to the source. An additional module allows users to combine a light source, power meter, and optical talk set providing all necessary functions for effective insertion loss testing.

Upgradable Investment
The MTS modular concept reduces the number of different testers required for the job and eases instrument stock monitoring. Whether you need test equipment today for short or long haul cables, point-to-point or complex branching systems, or multimode or singlemode networks, MTS provides both an immediate solution and an upgrade path for future transport technologies.

Optimized for Field Use
Optical test equipment needs to couple high performance with maximum portability to be productive in the field. MTS has a small footprint to ease testing in areas with limited access such as crowded wiring closets or underground enclosures. A hardened outer case with protective bumpers ensures that the unit survives even the harshest conditions.

Efficient Testing of High Count Cables
MTS provides extremely rapid sweep times, straightforward and vivid presentation of the fiber trace and results, and fast storage possibilities with SRAM or other internal memory devices. These features are particularly useful for fiber plant commissioning where the requirement for two-way measurements at both wavelengths demands high productivity.

Extended Battery Life Improves Productivity
Testing high fiber count cables requires a unit that can operate for extended periods on battery. With a maximum operating time of 16 hours, MTS is at the top of its class in this category. Its internal battery compartment accommodates up to two removable, rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride cells.

Simple User Interface Reduces Training Requirements
MTS has a familiar, intuitive user interface, requiring little to no training for experienced OTDR users, and shortening the learning curve for novices. Simple direct access keys make primary test functions available to the user at the push of a button for maximum productivity, while results are logically organized on the large color display for easy interpretation.

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High Performance for the Novice and the Expert
For the novice, simply pressing the START button immediately auto configures the measurement parameters for optimal test performance. For more experienced users, advanced trace analysis functions are also accessible. After acquiring traces, a variety of standard data communications interfaces support download for analysis or direct printing, making the MTS a complete workstation.

Maximum Speed and Precision
MTS provides the user with an unprecedented level of speed, processing power, resolution, and range. Its extremely short deadzones can be used for pinpointing faults close to cable junctions or splice points. Impressive dynamic range means that even the longest fibers can be characterized with confidence.

Flexible Data Storage and Retrieval
Results can be imported and exported in Bellcore format and other standard industry formats, allowing easy integration into existing databases. Data can be stored in the standard internal memory (up to 200 traces), or on internal floppy or hard disk. Optional 1GB hard disk drive capacity is useful for commissioning and acceptance tests on high fiber count cables, while an auto-incrementing file utility simplifies storage and retrieval.

Passive color, 7.8 inches LCD 640 x 480
Active TFT color, 8.4 inches LCD 640 x 480
English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Turkish
Weight 3.5 kg (7.7 lb) including 1 module and 1 battery
Size 300 x 235 x 90 mm
11.8 x 9.25 x 3.5 in
Input/Output RS-232-C, Centronics interface, external keyboard (optional), Ethernet interface (optional)
Power supply
AC or internal removable NiMH batteries
Operation time up to 16 hours with 2 batteries
(Bellcore GR-196)
Internal charger
Charging time < 3 hours per battery
DC input 11 to 14 V
AC adapter
MTS-5100 Input 100-250 V, 50-60 Hz,
1.6 A, Output 12 V DC / 4.2 A
Results display dBm, dBr, nW, ìW, mW
Temperature range
Operating AC Power (no options)
20 °C to 50 °C (4 °F to +122 °F)
Operating with all options 0 °C to 40 °C (+32 °F to +104 °F)
Storage 20 °C to 60 °C (4 °F to +140 °F)
Humidity 95% without condensing
EMI/ESD CE compliant

Wavetek 5023MM MultiMode OTDR Module Specifications:

Central Wavelength
Pulse Width
Distance Range
Up to 80 km
RMS Dynamic Range
Event Dead Zone
1,5 m
Attenuation Dead Zone
5 m
Wavetek 5026SR SingleMode OTDR Module Specifications:
Central Wavelength
Pulse Width
Distance Range
Up to 260 km
RMS Dynamic Range
Event Dead Zone
4 m
Attenuation Dead Zone
25 m

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