Current post: Selling JDSU MSAM C0404 – We Buy New Used C0404 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling JDSU MSAM C0404 – We Buy New Used C0404 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell JDSU MSAM C0404 Gigabit Ethernet Service Module

JDSU Multi Services Application Module

The Multi-Services Application Module (MSAM) provides the industry’s most compact and modular multi-function, multi-layer DS1 Gigabit tester for designing, installing, and maintaining Carrier-Grade networks. The MSAM enables a highly portable test set with the versatility needed to support Ethernet Layers 2-7, and Fibre Channel in one platform. With testing capabilities designed for Ethernet Backhaul, Metro Core telecom networks, cable provider switch centers, government telecommunication centers, and providers labs, the MSAM is the latest innovation for the award-winning, industry-leading T-BERD/ MTS family of test solutions.


  • Maximizes ROI with modular, field-upgradeable tester that seamlessly expands into future technologies and interfaces
  • Provides industry-leading multi-port 10G modular platform for network field installation, advanced troubleshooting, and lab-based network validation
  • Guarantees end-customer satisfaction with deep application layer testing for data (TrueSpeed™ per RFC 6349), voice (VoIP), and video (IPTV)
  • Promotes efficient service and network management life cycle with integrated installation tools and advanced troubleshooting analysis in a single test instrument
  • Reduces installation and troubleshooting times with automated J-Complete test tools that follow best practices and provide repeatable methods and procedures with easy-to-understand results


  • Tests and troubleshoots converged Ethernet/IP networks at 10 Mbps to 1 Gpbs interfaces and captures and analyzes packets
  • Tests Layer 1-3 Ethernet/IP SLAs with an auto¬mated, enhanced RFC 2544/SAMComplete per ITU-T Y.1564
  • Enables installation and maintenance of OTN networks up to 11.1 Gbps interface with ODU-0 support for Ethernet/IP client interfaces
  • Supports 8G FC dual-port interfaces for installation and maintenance of SANs and low-latency circuits

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Key Features

  • Higher layer packet/frame analysis with Packet Capture, WireShark Decode, J-Mentor expert post capture analysis, and J-Profiler traffic explorer with top talkers
  • Carrier Ethernet testing with Link and Service OAM (Y.1731), PBB/PBT, MPLS/VPLS, VLAN, Q-in-Q, and J-Proof Ethernet transparency
  • Layer 2 through Layer 4 comprehensive 10-stream multiplestream Ethernet testing enabling service activation and application performance modeling for quality of service verification
  • Enhanced RFC2544 tests includes frame delay variation, asymmetric rates and concurrent results to reduce overall testing time
  • OTN testing supported from OTU1 to OTU2e including SDH and ethernet clients
  • Fibre Channel support includes automated RFC-like scripting test, buffer-to-buffer control verification, and FC port and fabric login
  • Modular form-factor enables field expandability of test capabilities by adding modules and software test options
  • Simultaneous Ethernet, Fibre Channel.
  • Remote control via Web browser and VNC, and Command Line SCPI

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