Current post: Selling Photon Kinetics 7500 – We Buy New Used 7500 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling Photon Kinetics 7500 – We Buy New Used 7500 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell Photon Kinetics 7500 MM SM OTDR VFL

The Model 7500 Mini-OTDR ( OPTICAL TIME DOMAIN REFECTOMETER ) offers >32dB of Dynamic range, 20 meter attenuation dead zone and 5 meter event dead zone. There is an Auto Test function and information is displayed on a 9.4-inch , VGA, LCD screen.

The Model is ideal for use in telecom , CATV, LAN, and manufacturing applications.

The Model 7500’s dynamic range can be used for testing long trunk or interoffice fiber spans. The unit’s short dead zone allows closely spaced features to be measured. Configured with the visual fault locator option, the Model 7500 will troubleshoot fiber in splice cabinets/enclosures, giving a virtual “zero” dead zone performance.

The Loss Table automatically calculates the reflectance of mechanical splices as well as the Optical Return Loss (ORL) for the fiber span. The optional OTDR emulation software for your PC allows you to analyze data and generate hard copy documentation in your office.

The Model 7500 offers single-mode and multimode plug-ins that can be used in LAN applictations where there is a need to test different types of fiber cable or composite cable. The Auto Test function allows fast, easy measurements without a skilled operator. Size, weight, and battery operation give the Model 7500 optimum portability. (includes only Single-Mode Module 742s)

The Model 7500’s dynamic range and accuracy make it convenient for quick distance measurements on the production floor. Attenuation and lenght of fiber may be obtained quickly by generating a Loss Table.

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